FSU Football Should Be Shut Down

Hey, you want to hear a joke? FSU discipline. You want to hear another joke? Integrity in the FSU football program. Florida State Football has long conspired in keeping low character, low intelligence players if they were even the slightest bit talented, and it is time it ends.


Football is the greatest sport there is, and we all worship it. Everybody preaches winning above all, and rightfully so. But there is a limit. Yes, all a fan wants is to see his team win a national title, but there’s another aspect of coaching. You’re molding young men, not just molding young players. When you have that much contact with such young, naive teenagers; you must not only teach them football but teach them life. Most college football players come from the slums (the “hood”). A lot of them were missing a father or mother as a child. Most of them were raised in an environment where drugs, violence, domestic abuse, etc. was a norm in their societal microcosm. Most of these kids didn’t grow up with the same morals or values that most of middle class America did. A coach acts like a father figure in a lot of ways, he has to teach his players how to conduct themselves as they mature. He must teach them why they shouldn’t do drugs. He must teach them why they should avoid fights. He must teach them why they shouldn’t beat women. He must teach them how to be good, well adjusted citizens! He must teach them how to become great men! And that is what makes coaching such a rewarding profession. Not the winning, not the x’s and o’s… It is the character building and moral leadership that makes it all worthwhile.


Jimbo Fisher is one of the greatest minds in football, and one of the best football coaches in the game. He’s a stud recruiter, he’s a tremendous teacher, and he’s innovative in all his schemes and philosophies. He’s won big and consistently, and he’s built an elite coach. But Jimbo Fisher is a horrific moral leader who has brewed a culture crime, brutality, and abuse. Over the past two years, 13 seminole players have been arrested. Two for sexual assault, one for attempted homocide, two for assault and battery (both on women), 1 for drugs, 3 for theft, and 4 for felonies. Hardly sterling isn’t it? Throughout each of the investigations ensuing, the Tallahassee police department consistently attempted to downplay and conceal these incidents, so as to keep the players on the team and allow FSU to keep as much talent as possible (not matter how troubled). The most damning of these obviously being Jameis Winston’s rape of a fellow student which was systematically ignored and swept under the rug, as FSU fans threw a myraid of insults and accusations at the victim. Of course Winston was never reprimanded for the incident, and would go on to start and lead the ‘Noles to a national championship. A title that will forever be tainted due to the fact it was won by a team spearheaded by a rapist. And most recently, the world has witnessed two FSU players attack two different women within a span of three days. And with one of them (Dalvin Cook) also being the team centerpiece in the Winston mold, it’ll be wildly entertaining seeing how Tallahassee covers this one up. Meanwhile, one cannot forget the history and reputation of Florida State. They’ve forever been known to set the academic bar far lower for athletes than regular students, and allow them far more disciplinary missteps.  On the bright side, Fisher has lived up to FSU’s reputation and legacy of being the collegiate dearth of integrity!


Every program has players that make flat out stupid decisions, and get caught doing so. That much is unavoidable. What differentiates a program from a moral high ground to moral canyon is how the punish those transgressions. University of Miami has been a lousy team for far too long, but at least they have clear integrity and standards. When talented linebackers Alex Figuerora and Jawand Blue were accused (accused, not even convicted yet) of sexual assault, they were immediately kicked off the team. Miami didn’t care that it would hurt them on the field without those two key players, but instead made a swift and just decision without bias. Miami is a model of excellent disciplinary routine as are most college football programs. Florida State on the other hand, is among the worst in that field contrasting Miami’s decision with Figuerora with their own poor decision with Jameis Winston. Florida State is not being targeted by the media, they’re not “just like all other schools”… They are a subpar disciplinary and academic institution when it comes to their athletics, and they deserve to be reprimanded harshly for it. They lack institutional control, and the NCAA should sanction them harshly if they don’t radically change their approach asap. This incarnation of Florida State’s approach to teaching players how to conduct themselves and responding to players’miscues must be shut down immediately. Florida State must reinvent itself as the harshest most swift responding disciplinary program in the NCAA when it comes to these types of matters of assault and rape. It starts with kicking Dalvin Cook off the team, and it continues from that moment forward with a “No Bullshit” mentality about their off the field approach. If Florida State doesn’t do so, and instead continues on this path of enabling… The program deserves to be shutdown.