Dan Campbell Has Reinvented the Dolphins

The fact that I’m writing this article at halftime of the Houston game is perfect evidence for just how great of a turnaround Dan Campbell has achieved in so little time. Miami is currently up 41-0, and have outpaced, the out of their league Texans, to the tune of 392 yards to 65 yards. Tannehill is 12 for 12 for 231 yards and 4 touchdowns, and Lamar Miller has rushed for 175 yards and a touchdown… In short, I’m not sure if I could pull this off in Madden on rookie mode. This is arguably the most dominant start to an NFL game in the history of the league. So to summarize as eloquently as possible, you done done good, Dan.

The scary part is Campbell’s re-invigoration of the Phins hasn’t been a complex one. There are no radical new schemes or innovating new plays. There’s not even a major personnel change. This is just passionate, enthusiastic football. Campbell has brought a swagger to the practice field, encouraging violent hits and aggression that has translated to Sundays. And it has made those Sundays easy. We already knew the Dolphins were fairly talented, now we know their potential when properly motivated and energized. This is what football is all about. A group of 11 guys on a field excited, and having a great time flying around hitting someone. Hell, this is what life is all about. Going out and doing whatever you’re doing with passion and enthusiasm while having fun.

Campbell demands intensity in practice, and encourages physicality. He even had the players try a rugby drill, as he lined up all the young players inside a circle of the veterans, and dared the youth to escape. His first drill as head coach was the Oklahoma drill! Campbell simply doesn’t care about schematics or in depth analysis or any of that nonsense. All the man wants is eleven enthusiastic guys to go out and play with passion. This is some 1920s style coaching, and it’s working. It’s working so well that it’s hard to say much in this article other than keep doing what you’re Campbell. Miami is all of a sudden in the playoff hunt, and the fanbase is about as pumped as they can be. This is something truly amazing, keep it going.